UmojaSwitch Mobile Banking is a shared service through which member banks can extend their services to their customers by using mobile phones. Umoja Mobile service uses USSD which is supported by all standard mobile phones.


The short code *150*45#  is used for the banks which are connected to UmojaSwitch shared application while *150*17# is used for member banks connected via Selcom.


Customers of a particular bank, after being registered, will be automatically routed to their specific bank when they dial the short code *150*45# or *150*17# through UmojaSwitch Mobile Banking. Currently UmojaSwitch Mobile banking has the following services


  1. Bank to Wallet (Transfer money from your bank account to MPESA,TIGOPESA or AIRTEL MONEY)

  2. Wallet to bank (Transfer Money from your MPESA, TIGOPESA or AIRTEL MONEY to bank account)

  3. Inter-bank transfer

  4. Intra-bank transfer

  5. Prepaid Airtime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  6. Payment for bills such as:

  •  LUKU


  •  TTCL

  •  Azam Marine Ferry

  • Prepaid WIFI Internet

  •  ZUKU

  •  SMILE internet

  •  StarTimes