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''For your convenience"
To embrace the spirit in order to provide convenience to banks and their customers.

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UmojaSwitch Values Integrity Collaboration Innovation Knowledge For your Convenience

Who we Are

UmojaSwitch was established by six banks back in 2006 as a consortium, with the purpose to provide shared electronic financial services. This was after the challenges which faced the small banks in establishing this kind of infrastructure individually. Due to increase in membership, in 2011 the consortium transformed its governance structure by forming a legal company which is owned by member banks.

The aim of establishment was to create a shared environment or platform where financial institutions can integrate through a shared switch. Not only that but also to create a shared based brand that financial institutions will recognize as a leader in  Read more.


Why UmojaSwitch ...

To become the largest provider of electronic payment services across the country.

To provide services which are reliable, affordable and accessible for the benefit and convenience of its members and their customers.


We adhere to the highest standards of integrity, loyalty and responsibility.


 We seek opportunities to partner with customers and member banks.


We nurture creative thinking that adds value.


We encourage continuous development of our skills and expertise to provide better services to our customers.