Agency banking means that member banks can now recruit other business with a nationwide footprint to offer banking services on their behalf, allowing them to offer banking services areas that they do not have branches.

UmojaSwitch believes that shared agency banking is a significantly cheaper alternative to conventional branch-based banking that allows financial institutions and other commercial actors to offer financial services outside traditional bank premises by using delivery channels like retail agents using Point of Sale Terminals (POS) and mobile phones

UmojaSwitch believes that shared agency banking can be used to substantially increase the financial services outreach to the un-banked communities and therefore increase number of customers to member banks

The fundamental design of the UmojaSwitch agency banking is the sharing, such that the Agent can provide branchless banking services to any member bank

Umoja Agency Banking is designed to perform the following services

  1. Cash deposit and cash withdrawal;
  2. Facilitate cash disbursement and repayment of loans;
  3. Cash payment of utility bills;
  4. Cash payment of retirement and social benefits;
  5. Inter-bank transfer of funds;
  6. Balance inquiry;
  7. Generation and issuance of mini bank statement;
  8. Collection of documents in relations to account opening, loan application, credit and debit card application; and