The three letters ATM, stand for Automatic Teller Machine. Literally speaking an ATM is a telling service without Human face. The Chartered Institute of Bankers defines the ATM card as, “A plastic card embossed with certain account information. It bears a magnetic strip holding a limited amount of information which can be read by the ATM”.

An important development has been the linking up of ATM networks of different banks. This is referred to as “Reciprocal Arrangement”, which is the arrangement between Banks and Financial Institutions to allow customers to use the ATMs of all the holding Institution. This gives the customer access to a much wider network of ATMs.  The first cash dispensing machines was developed in 1967. The service was very unsophisticated, with the withdrawal of cash being the only service available and the customer’s card being retained after use by the machine. The card would then be returned to the customer by the bank staff and the debit to the account be passed manually. Initially cash dispensing machines were exclusively located in the exterior walls of bank branches.

Further development in computers resulted in two major advances:

          (i) More sophisticated cash dispensing and automatic account updating;

          (ii) An extension of services.

The first generation of cash machines has since been replaced by a second generation of ATMs which offer much greater flexibility of operation and locations. ATMs can now provide, in addition to the basic cash dispensing function, a whole range of services and are sited inside and outside branches and at remote sites.   

The Umoja Switch ATMs provide the following under listed self-service banking facilities to the UmojaSwitch’s customers:

1. Cash withdrawal
2. Balance enquiry
3. PIN change
4. Mini statements
5. Intra-bank transfers
6. Inter-bank transfers
7. Cheque book ordering
8. Card-less transfers
9. Remittances
10. Wallet withdrawals: M-pesa, Tigo pesa & Airtel Money
11. UnionPay: Balance Inquiry & Withdrawals
12. **Selcom card-less withdrawals
13. **East Africa Integration: Balance Inquiry & Withdrawals
On 2014 UmojaSwitch became an official distributor of Diebold ATMs